Athens, 28th January 2013

The 1st Eternal Internet Brotherhood happened in the summer of 2012. It was a cooperative camp between artists, curators and writers that took place on the greek island of Anafi. A mystical island located on the edge of the Cyclades, used in ancient times as an “interface” for mythological adventures.

This year the 2nd Eternal Internet Brotherhood will take place in Mexico. It will host artists, writers and thinkers who will pass by the sacred ancient Atzec soil of the pyramid of Tepotzlan culminating in the surrealist park of Las Posas.  The choice of the annual site is based always on the idea that ancient mythologies can network our contemporary condition.

During the Eternal Internet Brothehood we all stay and work closely in a common mental and/or physical environment, and we organically create new concepts swarmed by data, dreams, feelings, knowledge, visions and sounds.

The Eternal Internet Brotherhood is an experiment and a situation. A quest for an union of all disciplines where the creative offline and metaphysical online modes of well-being spark a liberated intellectual evolution. No discipline or mode will replace one another but intertwine with each other.

In our days the internet is a place where new realities take form as we encounter innumerable images and stimuli. Internet browsing is seducing,

it’s a perpetual quest for new fantasies both visual and conceptual and I believe it is our gateway to freedom and escape. It should not be misguided as a tool but more as a structure against hierarchies and social conventions.

We are all entering a new phase, a phase of a unity maintaining intelligent behaviors that emerge from online and virtual interactions while promoting the power of imagination as we progress from one sphere to another. The Eternal Internet Brotherhood aspires to form new narratives under this scheme. Between digital ecstasis and real-time social complexity, from connectedness to dislocation all embraced with the soul’s reunion with the perfection of nature.  All beyond perceptions of literal and limited use of technology.

It is the time we change in essence and form the way we work away from lethargic and tedious manners. We artists and writers ought to transcend this. One of the first things to be done is to come closer to nature, with or without our machines. We should work by nature, copy, reproduce or just enjoy it as the perfect interface.

For this operation we will use every medium and cross disciplinary practice focusing, extending, evaluating on the themes of distribution, materiality, human interaction and well-being.

The window to this experience is open.