Stoneroses, Santiago Taccetti/ Mirak Jamal , 2015, a demo at the forest of Fosdinovo, Eternal Internet Brotherhood 4


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The search, conversations & ideas

The question lies in visibility! She would go on to say.

There is the smell of green at one tucked slope, countered by the cursor at another incline. One may entice another.

It is potentially green anywhere, even where it doesn’t permit for growth. Man holds these credentials at the least.

A search calls for action…what are the footprints without the dirt and pebble; the scroll and stroll. A view from up above the clouds allows for better navigation, though the smell is far-reaching for any touch as such. Nevertheless, what a grand overview; block by block zones; the green pastures beneath…the city is everywhere.

How about over there.

Grounded here: it is potentially green. And the smell of the concrete curing permeates in the air…recalling the sort of gardens of childhoods. This surely is the comfort food of a collective outdoors.

No matter if the color underneath is fresh green, a checkered red-and-white, or a dubious smoky grey…

Let’s not settle just yet let’s roam.