The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood


For a soul of serenity and creativity.
For a soul that will liberate our eternal “attached virtual device”: the unconscious.
New desires can surface. New pleasures can be posessed. New ideas can be projected.
Sometimes our souls are the tombs of our desires.
We live in a ruin of pleasure haunted by ghosts such as fear, boredom and suppression.
But One could begin to think about an another life, to live the “here” and “now”
and escape the nightmare of this spinning mental grinder.

For sometime now, the brothers have been programming
a format located in nature beyond machines and simulations.
This format is surrounded by a new reality that transitions
from an augmented chaos to an omnipresent supermind,
from a cybercentric narcissism to a hyper-lucid extropism,
from a techno-buraucratic lifestyle to a noospheric realness.

During this gathering we will all be provided the theme to become
nobility of a kingdom where a new architecture of emotions
will materialize in the forms of art, poetry and therapy.

We will navigate our souls from
the Dungeons of the subconscious to the Throne of the supraliminal.
Inferno will become Purgatory and Purgatory will become Paradiso.
We aspire to achieve a mental and aesthetic transformation.
We could acquire this state of meta-magic with the
fundamental psychic stages of eating, drinking and sleeping.

The site of this operation is the medieval Castle of Malaspina in Fosdinovo, Tuscany
where Dante Alighieri spent his exile. It will start the 6th of July 2015.

The password to enter this portal is: The Eternal Internet Brotherhood.

Angelo Plessas