The Rituals at Castello Malaspina, Ylva Ogland for #etinterbro

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To Conjure forth and Internalize Snöfrid into the systems of those present.

(On the occasion of the 4th Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood by Angelo Plessas)

The rituals were divided in three parts, in consecutive order.

Part one – The Act of Preparation at the Castello. Making of the Xenia masks for the initiated, and the table pictogram painting. Collecting symbolic items from the Castello to serve the rituals.

Part two – The Act of Conjuring Forth Snöfrid and of initiation with MC Angelo. Getting the blend of Snöfrid’s distillate and Corrado’s breast-milk internalized into the systems of bodies and souls of those present in the great hall at the Castello.

Part three РThe Act of Dining Sn̦frid. Materialized by Mirella (the cook) into this world, served on the red pictogram in the dining hall, and consumed by the initiated wearing Xenia masks.

* “Snöfrid” is an Old Norse name meaning Snow Peace. She is my mirror twin and lives behind the mirrors. Snöfrid has been materialized in various forms, i.e. as three life size marionette dolls, as a distillate made with different elements, such as crashed rubies, gold, amethyst, Pol Roger, etc., she has appeared in paintings, and as food.

** “Xenia” is one of my central subjects, and deals with serving based on Caravaggio’s painting “the basket of fruits”, which is related to ancient Roman and Hellenistic pictorial traditions mentioned in Historia Naturalis. The recurring motif in the Xenia paintings show heroine related objects, the actual drug in powder form, the poppy flower, the poppy seed capsule with or without cuttings, the syringe, the candle, the spoon.