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“The Narco, The Prepper and The Proto-Transhumanist” by Theo Michael for #ETINTERBRO
After watching a few hours of  Trecartin videos on vimeo, I understood I wanted to do something a bit more anti-internet. But then I thought of the cliche question between internet artists: “Is there life outside the internet?” The cliche answer is no, but I didn’t want to pronounce it. Yet I could certainly say that there is death outside the internet. Internet, being the developing nervous system of humanity,
gathers memories and is thus seen by many as a contraption that leads to immortality. “Hey, my face shows  up on Google search, I’m quasi-immortal.” Every personal device connected on the internet is the equivalent of a neuron, with Google servers being thick neural clusters and the arrival of supercomputers and superintelligence will signify the  beginning of humanity’s collective brain. Kurzweil says all that will be reality by late 21st century and hopes that he will be uploaded and backed up. We are all waiting for the Singularity.
On the other hand I prefer something more subtle, like an old fashioned burial of a time capsule in a forest every once in a while. So I put a shovel in the car the other day and drove off. Halfway to the forest I realized that if anyone saw me digging a hole in the middle of nowhere he’d think I ’m carrying a dead body. What if he was there to bury someone for real?That’s Mexico let’s not forget. The country with a high ratio of illicit burials per capita. It should be a fast digging job. No one should see me.
Another feeling that crept up was that of the doomsday prepper. Was I trying to capitalize on the possibility of the internet’s demise? If a co-ordinated attack on major data centers and cables took place, then what? Or what about an attack on all major electricity generators? Then almost everything anyone is doing today is futile. Then  sealed packages like mine could prove important if found as they would be almost perfectly preserved. How many people go around burying stuff double and triple wrapped in plastic containers? After all, goods made today are flimsy
and ephemeral and will degrade fast. Most skyscrapers of today will have to be demolished in 100 years max. Most stuff is recycled. Imagine the archaeologist that will find a fossilized ipad. No apps there, innit! Of course by that time the
pyramids will still be there. Ancient peoples understood eternity better it seems. Finally entombing people or objects is a type of proto-transhumanism. Why do you try to preserve something if not because you believe that this something will
transcend all existing somethings? Deep inside we think that buried people will be resurrected one day. It says it in the bible, the transhumanist mormons believe in it too. With this type of nonsensical thoughts in mind I proceeded with caution,
dug a one meter deep hole, placed the package, filled back the soil and covered up the traces of the act. It was a good day.

Theo Michael