Eternal Headstand/Environmental Integration/Data Transfer, Vincent Charlebois

5th Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood, Sri Lanka, October 2016

eternal headstand


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nodes is a treeplanter’s research investigating intersecting aspects of nature and technology. The project was initiated in Madrid and continued in Casablanca in September 2016 . The fifth edition of the #ETINTERBRO in October 2016 in Sri Lanka connected the island country of South Asia to this networked environmental data archive. Intermedia documents are built from the archive of a wireless weather station. Climate variations are sonified. Photographed rhytidome becomes source material for computer assembled bark-textured frescos. A discussion on altered ways of hearing leads to the generative possibilities of visual programming language. A repeated headstand, upside down with the head in rock or sand, the body is integrated, connected to the environment as an external drive would be ready for geological data transfer. An encyclopedia on medicinal plants of Ceylon is found, the illustrations assembled, species reconfigured to grow renewed biomimetic imagination to feed our technocentric vision of nature. The next node of the project will be Montreal where the icy winter will serve as a intermedia canvas to environmental data.