Statement for the 6th Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood

The ubiquitous gaze of the statue of Hercules over all of Kassel seems to be caught up in a mood of deep contemplation. No one can guess the thoughts and fantasies of this mythical macho superhero. Is he thinking of his glorious past in the South or contemplating the future in the North? The Herculean ambivalence is as emblematic in his muscular posture as in his actions. The guilty laborer of the cave of the Lernean Hydra, the cosmopolitan colonizer of the Amazons of Phrygia, the tolerant crossdresser in Omphale’s palace, and the story goes on … What would this Hercules think if he had to contemplate the present? Would he be questioning the relationship between his birthplace and his adopted country?

Before answering too quickly let’s remember that nowadays it is easy to surrender to a nostalgic past or an unattainable future. Our mind is conquered by these two mental hegemonies. The PAST and the FUTURE are the milk and honey of contemporary intellectuals who are obsessed with re-interpreting the former and re-inventing the latter.

Consequently the PRESENT has become a happy fiction. This is why we need a pragmatic and practical plan for self-actualization in such a way that the “physical,” “spiritual,” and “social” will be truly and triumphantly unified. These three golden functions are the foundations for an individual to live. This is the splendid right now!

An attempt to reclaim these three golden functions is the annual Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood, joyful temporary gatherings in different places: Anafi, Las Posas, the Dead Sea, Castello di Fosdinovo, Sigiriya.

This year’s Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood will take place in the Dörnberg Nature Reserve just outside of the city of Kassel during the first week of May 2017. Surrounded by beautiful rock formations, this area has been historically regarded as the sacred heartland of Germany. A place of pilgrimage in prehistoric Celtic times, but also a meeting place of Romantic poets during the 19th century for the revival of an “indigenous” German culture.

In this setting, different scenarios of the physical, spiritual, and social ascend. Experiences are shared collectively and mutually with the highest levels of autonomy. We take local knowledge into account, interfering with our esoteric impulses, expressed in immediate actions and gestures.

The gathering elaborates on themes such as pagan and primitive philosophies, open-source communalism, geomantic rituals and solar enchantments, transgender occultism, and noospheric naturalness.

We perform Sisterhood Commemorations, Ceremonies of Friendship, and Monumentalization of Otherness for a whole week.

Stay tuned: we will convey several stories concurrently.