The Rituals at Castello Malaspina, Ylva Ogland for the Fosdinovo edition

The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood is an independent project organized and curated by artist Angelo Plessas. It takes place annually in a different place in the world which is usually an historic site surrounded by nature, away from the urban grid. It is a meeting place of artists, writers, architects and various cultural practioners, a gathering offering cultural heterogeneity and exchange.

The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood, offers participants an opportunity to expand and develop their practice and proposes new relationships between people and place, between work and leisure, artist and audience. During the Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood all participants stay and work closely and they take a cross disciplinary medium approach with activities ranging from perfomance, discussions, workshops, readings but also as a starting point to visualize future projects. They key themes are revolved around the effects of our neoliberal post-technological life of phenomena such as hyperconnectivity and solitude, re-evaluation of life in urban areas and spiritual re-connections with antiquity and other eras.  The duration of the project is about 7 to 10 days.

The 1st Eternal Internet Brotherhood took place on Anafi, an island with a rich ancient Cycladic culture. The 2nd Eternal Internet Brotherhood took place in April 2013 in Xilitla, Mexico in the surrealist of park Las Pozas. The 3rd edition happened in the North Dead Sea area in the West Bank while the 4th edition happened at the Castello Malaspina in Fosdinovo, where poet Dante Alighieri spent his exile. The 5th edition happened near the rock of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka in October 2016.